Pen-Pal Program

Due to COVID-19, we have moved our pen-pal program online. If you are interested in learning more about writing to an incarcerated comrade and how letter-writing works to build inside-outside alliances, follow us on Instagram and Facebook, where we will post updates on pen-pals requesting correspondence.

No worries if you’re new to this kind of advocacy: we will guide you through the process. Everyone is welcome!


**Click on a hyperlink for more information**

Letter-Writing Guidelines
These guidelines provide more understanding of the letter-writing process as well as an explanation of its significance as an act that cultivates networks of care!

HBB Info Sheet
This info sheet can be sent to a pen-pal if they request more information about Humanities Behind Bars. We made it easy for you: All you have to do is download the file, print it out, and mail it to your comrade!

Sample Envelope
This photo is example of what a correctly filled out envelope looks like before being put in the mail.

Sample Letter
This PDF of a typed letter written by an HBB member is an example of what an introduction letter can look like before being put in the mail.